Welcome to TuneFountain’s Discovery Engine – the personalised version of the engine is currently invite only but will be opened up to everyone soon. However, you can still explore our rapidly growing web of artists and recommendations below.

How does TuneFountain Discover work?

When you log into Spotify we’ll grab all of the artists that you have playlisted and follow. We then take that information and return you a list of artists that we think you should check out. The more people that use this platform, the more useful the recommendations will become.

Can I use it now?

Unfortunately, right now TuneFountain Discover’s personalised functionality is invite only. If you are part of the beta programme you will be able to log in below, but this options is not open to everyone.

What else can it do?

TuneFountain Discover not only recommends you new artists, it will also give you a rundown of your favourite artists and tracks. You can see who and what you like the most at a simple glance. We’ll be adding more features to the site and platform in the coming weeks and we’ll be opening up the functionality to all of you as soon as we can…

The TuneFountain Discover web currently features 101252 musicians/bands and 412819 links between them!

Our top musicians

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Ria Hanley



Holly Rolfe

Ryan Redwood


Katie Tupper

Carla J Easton