A few words about TuneFountain

Music – it’s something that leaves an unforgettable mark on all of our lives. It becomes entwined within all of life’s biggest events. A song can transport you back to childhood; it can remind you of time spent with someone special who is no longer with us and certain tracks become the soundtrack of your life and your most important relationships. Music can and has changed the world.

I thought it’d be a good time to write a short post about TuneFountain – what it is, what I want it to be and more importantly what I want to achieve with the site. From the start, TuneFountain has been something of a passion project – initially I was going to build a tool that would allow people to find new music based on their current favourite bands; and that’s still something I am working on. But that turned out to be something of a moving goalpost as there is a constant stream of brilliant new and exciting bands making everything almost instantly out of date.

So, things evolved and we became just another news and reviews site, but I didn’t want to shine a light on the artists that are already massive; I wanted to be somewhere that would be 90% focussed on shouting as loudly about new music and the grassroots scene as possible. There are more than enough po-faced words about established bands but not enough that highlight the most exciting and adventurous music; that created by independent and up-and-coming musicians.

Much like the evolution towards independent artists, by and large, the simple fact is I prefer to listen to music by women much of the time has also influenced the focus of the site. It was never intended to be about music by women but while I am the main writer I guess that’s where most of my coverage lies. While the industry remains so male dominated I have no regrets in making TuneFountain one of those places where we buck that trend.

I have no expectations that TuneFountain will be anything more than a fun little hobby, but at the same time the bigger it gets the more good it can do in helping to support the artists that deserve it the most. With that in mind every single time you see something you like that we do a share on your socials would go a huge way to making this site a more useful place for everyone.

There are other ways you could help too – if you’re an artist that would like to appear on the site then drop us an email – without you there is NO site! If you feel the same way I do about new musicians and the grassroots scene and would like to share your passion then please consider writing some words for us about your favourite bands – I’d love nothing more than see the site covering more artists and genres of music.

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