Holly Rolfe to kickstart the year with her brilliant new single ‘Words Ain’t Enough’

It’s been a quiet 12 months for Midlands-based independent musician Holly Rolfe, following the release of her TuneFountain shortlisted EP ‘Lost In The Dark’. We’re therefore pretty damn excited to share that she is set to release her brand new single, the utterly brilliant break-up anthem ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ on 26th January.

The 19 year old is already on the fast track to stardom and started writing her music in the lockdown of 2020. She enjoys exploring the nature of her voice and layering harmonies to create a naturalistic sound.

Since releasing her EP in 2022, Holly Rolfe has taken over a year out to explore her sound and what she can do next.

Discussing ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ Holly says “I started this song when I realised my relationship was potentially not right for me anymore. There are a whirlwind of emotions that came with this process that being, anger, betrayal, heartbreak but also love. If I didn’t write this song I don’t think I would be where I am today: happy, single, putting myself first. We recorded the music video back in October through to December which will be a huge part of the promotion as well as Instagram, TikTok, Posters and live performances. With this project, I have been able to collaborate and meet other free-lancers as well as my best friends. Despite the topic of the song, it truly has been an incredible experience that I cannot wait to share with everyone. “

You can pre-save ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ here. You can go and follow Holly over on Instagram and TikTok and catch up with her previous releases on Spotify. You can also read our interview with Holly Rolfe.

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