James White & The Wild Fire set to release new single ‘Where I Used To Be’

East Anglia isn’t the first place you think about when considering Bluegrass music, but that’s exactly where you’ll find one of the best examples of the genre in the UK. James White & The Wild Fire are a four-piece that are putting together some great music and new track ‘Where I Used To Be’ is another perfect slice of their country leanings.

Talking about the track, the band’s titular lead James White says “Where I Used To Be is a song written by myself about the love I have for someone and how that will never change no matter the time, distance or change in circumstances despite us no longer being together that I shall always be there for them.”

‘Where I Used To Be’ is set for release on 28th October and it’s their first track since their 2021 EP Making Tracks.

You can follow James White & The Wild Fire over on Instagram and Facebook and you check out their music so far on Spotify below…

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