Caitlin Lavagna’s new single is ‘Pretty Alright’ – out in July


Caitlin Lavagna - Pretty Alright


Caitlin Lavagna's single "Pretty Alright" is an absolute triumph, delivering a powerful blend of catchy pop hooks and deeply resonant lyrics. The track transcends its title, offering a compelling anthem for overcoming self-doubt and embracing self-love. Lavagna's rich, vibrant vocals soar over an infectious rhythmic foundation, creating a sound that's both uplifting and empowering. Her ability to weave honest songwriting with dynamic, energetic beats results in a 10/10 masterpiece that’s sure to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression.

"Pretty Alright" isn’t just a song; it’s a celebration of personal triumph and a testament to Caitlin's extraordinary talent.

Pop 11th July in your calendars – because that’s the date that Caitlin Lavagna is set to release her brilliant new single ‘Pretty Alright’. You’ll be pleased to hear that the track is far, far more than pretty alright though.

When asked about ‘Pretty Alright’, Caitlin says “It’s a song about breaking the cycle of negative thoughts, that many of us feel about ourselves. It’s about overcoming self-doubt and body image issues and understanding your bad habits and emotional trauma!”

Born in the Rhondda with strong Gibraltarian roots, Caitlin Lavagna has developed a passion for percussion. With a strong, rich vocal and a knack for instant pop hooks, Caitlin blends honest songwriting with an exciting rhythmic core. Whether sharing the bill with other up-and-coming artists, supporting well-established bands, or headlining her show, Caitlin Lavagna will always bring the fiesta so people can let loose and shake their frames! Caitlin cites her influences from a wide range of Indie rock/pop and reggae artists beginning with bands like Sting and Fleetwood Mac up to Florence, Pink and Adele. Strong female vocals and rhythm massively influence her!

You can pre-save ‘Pretty Alright’ here and go follow Caitlin over on Instagram and TikTok. You listen to everything she’s done over on Spotify – there’s a reason she is one of our favourite ever musicians and you’re sure to love her as much as we do.

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