Artists To Watch in 2024

The last 12 months have been challenging for almost all of us, but one thing that has flourished is new and exciting music. Despite the issues facing venues, the increased post-Brexit hassle of touring and the low return on streaming new music has been one of the constant things that has kept the future looking bright. It’s hard for new artists to break through and it is going to get harder in a world where AI replaces creativity and platforms like Spotify are increasingly being filled with spam making it harder for real, good, NEW music to find an audience.

We’re still excited and there are a few artists we’re watching right now that really impress us who will either be making huge strides in their career or may just be taking their first steps into the world of releasing their music.

Lydia Cass

It’s hard not to be excited about Lydia, we’ve been following her for a while on Instagram and every time she posts a new performance reel we’re literally blown away. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a single release next year which really shows just how amazing her voice is. If we even get one single from Lydia 2024 will be a great year for music and I can’t wait to see her career explode.

Dolly Rae

She’s already had a million streams with her collaborations, but 2024 could be the year where we see the astounding Dolly Rae go solo. Genuinely mindblowing vocally, Dolly has probably the most soulful and warming voice we’ve ever heard and there’s little doubt that she’ll be on the road to stardom when her first solo single releases.

Georgia Alexandra

Our most recent discovery is the stunning Georgia Alexandra – we first heard her music for the first time literally a few days before starting this article and we instantly fell in love with her hauntingly beautiful music. Her new single, ‘Leave This Town Tonight’ is heading our way in a couple of weeks but you can get in early and check out her releases so far over on your favourite streaming platform.

Shannon Gillespie

Three releases in 2023 marked a stunning start for Shannon Gillespie. Her delicately delivered vocals present some deep and heartbreaking moments in Shannon’s life in a way that really hits home and when you take the time to listen you can’t help but being moved in such difficult and emotional ways. We’re going to be championing everything Shannon does in 2024 and she truly deserves your support.

We’re also using this article to draw attention to Shannon’s fundraising for Liverpool Bereavement Service, a charity that really helped her with a devastating loss in 2022. Please consider donating if you have a few pennies.

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