Chloe Leigh launches her Monthly Release Project

Independent folk singer/songwriter Chloe Leigh has revealed her plans for 2022 – a ‘Monthly Release Project’ that will see her releasing a new track every month of the year.

Announcing the project over on Instagram Chloe said “I’ve been thinking about doing a project like this for a while, because recording and releasing tracks has always been a bit of a challenge for me. Whether it’s finding time to commit to recording, or not trusting my ear when I’m mixing, I always seem to find an excuse to overthink it and/or put it off. So I wanted to give this project a go as a way attempting to learn to love the recording process a little more, so I can keep providing music and content for you lovely people.”

Kicking off the project is her first release, a cover of Nat King Cole classic ‘Smile’ which can be streamed on Chloe’s Soundcloud page now. You can also listen below but please do go on over to Soundcloud and let Chloe know what you think.

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