Quick Q&A with Lenka

Lenka Kripac is set to make a splash in the UK with her excellent debut album out on 29th June. Born to a Czech father and Australian mother, she first made her name acting on Aussie TV in soaps and TV presenting before moving into working with experimental band Decoder Ring on their album to support the excellent film Somersault. She’s kindly taken some time to answer a few of our questions…

You started out in TV and films before moving into music, what made you decide to make the switch?
I was searching for something with more creative control… I tried writing, visual art, etc, and finally had to admit to myself that music is in my blood and is my main passion – and it gives me creative control!

The TV – pop star transformation seems to be very popular in Australia – we’ve seen the likes of Kylie and Natalie Imbruglia rise from their TV roots to make a worldwide impact in the music industry. Are you pleased to be following in their footsteps?
Well I don’t feel like my path has been quite the same as theirs. I was in a soap when I was sixteen years old and in between I did a lot of other acting work, went to art college and was in an indie band in Australia.

Your first taste of the music industry was in Aussie band, Decoder Ring. How did you come to join that band?
Yes! They asked me to join when they did the soundtrack for Somersault – a female coming of age story. Before that (and now) they were instrumental only.

Do you prefer performing for yourself or as part of a band?
I prefer solo, though I still have a band and love that spontaneous collaborative vibe.

You moved to California a couple of years ago now. Do you miss your home country? What spurred you on to move?
I miss Australia so much, but am loving this adventure. LA was a career choice, people just seemed to respond well to my music over there. But I do quite like it.

A number of your songs, most notably the new single The Show, have appeared in commercials, films and on TV. Does it give you a buzz to hear your music appearing in things like 90210, Greys Anatomy and on the big screen?
It does, I love it! Having been an actor, I get a particular buzz from my music being used in dramatic stuff – it’s like I’m still involved somehow.

Who would you say your musical influences are?
The Beatles, Bjork, Cat Power, Billy Holiday, Nursery Rhymes…

Are there any artists you’d like to work with?
Sure! Price, David Bowie, Burt Bacharach. And anyone else too.

What are your plans for the rest of 2009? Are we to expect a lot more Lenka exposure in the UK in the latter half of the year?
We’ll be back to do a show in September I believe. Hopefully I’ll get to come over a lot! I love it.

Lenka’s self-titled debut is out to buy on 29th June and we have a full review online here. Her first single The Show was released on 15th June.

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