Your Top Albums and EPs of 2023

For the last few weeks we’ve been accepting your votes in three categories – Top Track, Top Album and Top Artist of 2023. We’ve had over THREE THOUSAND votes – more than we ever expected; whoever says independent music isn’t worth celebrating, I think we’ve proven them wrong!

The results are now in and we’re ready announce not only the winner but the top five in each category…

So here are your Top Albums and EPs of 2023…

5. Izzy S.O – Silly Me

We absolutely loved Izzy S.O‘s recent EP. It’s a riotous pop-rock collection of five brilliant and varied tracks that allow Izzy to flex both her voice and her songwriting skills. Each track offers something new but our pick of the collection is one track that wasn’t released as a single – ‘Do I Make You Feel Alive Yet?’

4. Eliza May – Candy Heart

Sugary sweet pop is the order of the day with Eliza May’s beautiful Candy Heart. Eliza’s vocals are absolutely beautiful with a soulful funk edge. Title track, ‘Candy Heart’ is our favourite here but every single song is worthy of repeat play and Red Hot Chili Peppers style opening riff on ‘Edge of This’ might be one of the greatest things ever. Go discover this stunning collection and fall in love with one of the sweetest people in the independent scene.

3. Daisy Clark – In The Midst of My Madness

If you’re looking for music that breaks you, Daisy Clark has given us the perfect collection. There isn’t an artist out there with a voice like Daisy – she can take just a few words and bring on floods of tears. We’ve been fans for a long time and her EP is probably one of the most perfectly realised collections of music we’ve heard. She’ll be doing stadium tours one day.

2. MACY – Third Person

Welsh bombshell MACY has come out of nowhere to become one of our favourite pop musicians. Her EP, Third Person is adventurous and perfectly produced highlighting her vocal strengths. It has the feel of a release from a long-established mainstream musician and it’s easy to see why so many of you voted for this.

1. MALKA – Anatomy of Sight

We LOVE you for voting MALKA’s album your fave of the year. MALKA is unique – every single album she releases blows our mind with its inventiveness and Anatomy of Sight continues to see her pushing the envelope in ways we didn’t even think possible. We reviewed it earlier this year and called it a landmark album – we stand by that. It’s both transformative and will quietly become one of those releases that is revered for years to come.

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