TuneFountain’s Track of 2023

We’ve already announced your pick for the best singles of 2023 – there were THREE THOUSAND VOTES across all categories in our awards and Maisie Donkanha’s stunning ‘Lullaby’ was voted well deserved winner…

However, the singles celebration isn’t over yet. Each year I also pick MY favourite release of the previous twelve months and my choice was clear to me from the moment I first heard it back in august…

I Hate How I Look In My Head

Etaoin’s first single of the year hit our ears back in August, somehow we’d managed to miss her music until then but the moment ‘I Hate How I Look In My Head’ started playing opened up a whole new world of music to discover. Even on first listen the single pulls on your emotions, each line hitting harder than the last. Etaoin’s heavenly vocals take this rawness and crafts it into one of the most beautifully affecting songs we’ve ever heard.

It’s not only a beautiful listen – the underlying themes and message are so important. Having seen others struggle with the same issues Etaoin addresses here brings ‘I Hate How I Look In My Head’ so close to home and it has had a powerful effect on both my understanding and provided much comfort to those around me.

My Spotify stats are evidence enough that this has been the track I’ve listened to the most but I am also eternally grateful to it for opening up Etaoin’s previous releases to me. I will be an eternal fan.

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