Daisy Clark releases video for her recent track, Car Sick

Daisy Clark‘s visit to Nashville last year has already given us some wonderful new music and new track ‘Car Sick’ adds to that amazing run. The track was produced by Dave Thomson and co-written with Nashville based songwriter Sydney Cubitt.

Written as an upbeat heartbreak anthem, Car Sick is a nod to the pit in the stomach feeling that contact with those from relationships past can provoke. 

Daisy explains, “I wrote this song a few days after receiving a message from an ex. I went into the writing session and explained to Dave that the message had made me feel ‘a bit nauseous’. The lyrics ‘it’s been two years of healing, it’s been so healthy’ describes the fact that it has been two years since I had heard from this person. I had spent this time working and focusing on my music career whilst re-building my self-esteem. Hearing from this person again made me feel confused as I was worried those turbulent feelings would arise, however it felt very empowering and freeing to eventually realise I was never going back to them.  

She continues, “I love the production on this song, and it feels like a new sound for me. For a long time I felt stuck in the acoustic singer-songwriter box, but since working with new producers and taking risks with my music, I feel like I have discovered the perfect rhythm and production for my sound.

Daisy Clark has been a highlight of the independent music scene for some time with release-after-release being showcases for her phenomenal talent as both a songwriter and vocalist. ‘Car Sick’ is another track that can be considered a highlight of a career that has been filled with them. It’s a gorgeous, upbeat track despite the subject matter.

You can listen to ‘Car Sick’ over on Spotify now and you can follow Daisy over on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also added ‘Car Sick’ to our Top Picks playlist.

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