Harry Jxye returns with single, ‘Party Alone’, out this Friday

Harry Jxye is a up and coming Pop Rock Artist emerging from the dark depths of South West England. 24 years old with a vision to share, he brings relatable lyrics, catchy vocals, with an explosive delivery.

His new track, the catchy ‘Party Alone’ is set for release on 9th December.

Like a modern day author, the stories told are crafted through personal experiences, up hill struggles and united with a movement and message for all. Harry Jxye‘s high energy live performances infused with engagement from the fans feels like your own personal live show.

From being on local radio shows including BBC Introducing, to featured in music blogs. To parties to live shows, this is just the beginning. Infused with a complex mix of experiences, talent and out right fierce determination he hopes to claim his stance in the music industry and create an influence for the better. Harry Jxye on a mission with a vision, and this has only just begun.

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