Izzy S.O is Homesick with her new single, out this week ahead of her new EP in August

It’s no surprise that we’re excited to share that Izzy S.O is back with another brilliant single – ‘Homesick’ – which is hitting streaming platforms on 5th July.

Izzy S.O has been a constant voice in our playlist since we discovered her and she’s had a stunning couple of years; following up her spectacular EP – Silly Me – with a series of stunning singles that have seen her consistently receiving critical praise.

Sharing more behind the track, Izzy explained “‘Homesick’ is about that free falling feeling when you’re no longer tied to the things that made you feel safe. It’s an observation of the fear whilst fully knowing you’re in the right place and that these changes are good. Homesick was written at the start of last year when I was going through some big life changes. It was a really scary time but there was also this undercurrent of excitement about this unknown future. Listening back to it today makes me feel proud of where I am now . It makes me want to give my younger self a hug to remind her that she’s strong enough to do all the things.”

‘Homesick’ is also the title track on Izzy S.O‘s new EP which is set for release on 9th August.

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‘Homesick’ continues this run of form – it’s a perfectly realised rock-pop tune that harks back to the nineties and makes the most of Izzy’s beautiful voice. We can’t get enough of it.

You can pre-save ‘Homesick’ here and you can follow Izzy S.O over on Instagram and TikTok.

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