Sophie Morgan – Marmalade

Sophie Morgan has been teasing her new EP for quite a while and Marmalade has finally arrived in a significantly more chaotic world than she probably expected when it was originally scheduled. Thankfully, Marmalade may well arrive at the perfect time and is a wonderfully calming tonic to the ongoing hell that unfolds around us.

The guitar-led folk harks back to the sixties heyday with hints of The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel seeping through her music. There’s something special here in the gentle melodies and dreamy lyrics that helps the listener drift away from reality.

Title track, ‘Marmalade’ and recent single ‘Bar to Bar’ go head-to-head as the EPs highlights, both being tracks that are going to become a couple of my go-to tunes of 2020 when I need that musical blanket to protect me from the things that are going on around me.

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