Soleima – Powerslide

One of the surprise delights of early 2020 has been the emergence of Soleima – the Danish electro-pop rising star impressed with her recent release of ‘Roses’ and it would seem her debut album, Powerslide, is more of the same – quality, well produced pop with a wonderfully sardonic edge.

While it’s easy to compare her to the likes of Lykke Li and FKA Twigs, there’s something unique about Soleima’s style – Powerslide is a surprisingly playful album. There’s a groove to her sound that, when coupled with the electronica of much of her backing, offers an enjoyable edge that her contemporaries don’t quite capture. There isn’t anything else quite as cool as her collaboration with Yoshi Flower, ‘Grind’ which might well be the perfect blend of the singer’s unique style, the most laid back of tunes and Yoshi Flower’s adept rap.

Then there’s the awesome bass notes that drive along ‘LuvULuvULuvU’ – a track that skirts around the edges of being repetitive while managing to deftly manage to pull away just before crossing the line. There’s an art underlying Soleima’s songwriting that teases our expectations before doing something entirely different and that’s hard not to love.

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