Caitlin Lavagna announces her new single, ‘Night Bus’ for release in November

We’ve been following Caitlin Lavagna for a while now and she’s consistently impressed so we’re excited to learn that her next track ‘Night Bus’ is set for release on 3rd November. Having had a listen we reckon we’re safe in saying that both fans and newcomers to her music will be impressed – it’s a track that grows both in terms of its appeal AND in terms of it power as you listen.

‘Night Bus’ follows her fantastic debut single – ‘How Not To Start A Fight’.

Born in the Rhondda with strong Gibraltarian routes, Caitlin Lavagna has developed a huge passion for percussion. With a strong, rich vocal and a knack for instant pop hooks, Caitlin blends honest songwriting with an exciting rhythmic core. Whether it’s sharing the bill with other up and coming artists, supporting well established bands, or headlining her own show, Caitlin Lavagna will always bring the fiesta so people can let loose and shake their frames! 

Caitlin cites her influences from a wide range of Indie rock/pop and reggae artists beginning with retro bands like Sting and Fleetwood Mac all the way up to Florence, Pink and Adele. She is massively influenced by strong female vocals and rhythm!

You can follow Caitlin Lavagna over on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, and you can catch up with her videos over on YouTube. You can pre-save ‘Night Bus’ here.

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