Izzy S.O to release yet another stunning single in ‘I Swear I Made You Up’ this month

March continues to look like a brilliant month for music with the release of Izzy S.O‘s next outstanding single – ‘I Swear I Made You Up’ which is set for release on 8th March.

Fom lovers to strangers and all the pain that comes in between, Izzy S.O’s new single is a cathartic keepsake to be cherished. Sharing more, she explained: ‘I Swear I Made You Up’ was inspired by one real moment when I met up with someone I once loved and we were acting like strangers. It was a weirdly polite conversation, where we both pretended to be fine like we had put these walls up to protect ourselves. 

Focus on your journey and how you feel about you; don’t let someone else’s behavior stunt you or distort your view of yourself. Focus on being a good person for you; everything else is out of your control.

‘I Swear I Made You Up’ follows in the wake of ‘Refuse’ which was released back in January and continues a stunning run of singles that made up her 2023 EP, Silly Me – which just so happened to be one of YOUR favourite albums or EPs of 2023.

You can pre-save ‘I Swear I Made You Up’ soon and you can follow Izzy S.O over on Instagram and TikTok.

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