Katie Tupper releases new EP ‘Towards The End’

Hailing from the town of Saskatoon in Canada, Katie Tupper has recently come onto our radar, her effortlessly cool neo-soul sound has become a staple of our playlists and today she releases her new EP, the fantastic ‘Towards The End’.

The five-track release is a great introduction to Katie’s music and it has been released alongside her new single, the enticing ‘Misbehavin’.

“‘Misbehavin’ is a song I wrote for my partner,” Katie shares. “I realized when we first started dating that I had a lot of bad habits that I had built with previous partners and I was ready to break them for him. This song is super special to me because I think sonically it’s the closest to myself I’ve ever felt in a song. Connor Seidel and I spent a really long time perfecting the sound of this song and placing everything intentionally. I also love all the live horns that we got to have in this song – it felt luxurious to have a real musician play horns but it really does add so much to the song.”

Listen the full EP on Youtube here:

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