Liz Cass releases her new single ‘Something Real’, taken from her upcoming debut album

We’re loving the new single from Liz Cass which arrives on streaming platforms today. ‘Something Real’ is the perfect antidote to all of the bad news that we’re living through right now.

Talking about the track Liz says, “‘Something Real’ is about the search for a genuine connection and looking for that in all the wrong places. Coming to a realisation that only you can break your own toxic patterns. I kept finding myself in the same place over and over and blaming it on others. I finally asked myself question: why am I putting myself in these situations that hurt me, do I enjoy it?! It’s a very personal song for me but I think a lot of people have been there at some point. Looking for real connection from the emotionally unavailable in dead end places.”

‘Something Real’ is taken from Liz Cass‘ debut album – The Words – which is set for release on 21st October. The forthcoming debut album captures a pivotal moment for Liz and plays as a process of healing. Through its warm synths and bouncy electro-pop it presents an intimate insight into overcoming depression, anxiety and resilience to ADHD.

You can follow Liz Cass over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and listen to all of her music over on Spotify

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