Natalie Lucie set to release new track ‘Let Myself Be’

Bristol-based Natalie Lucie is set to return from a musical hiatus with the release of her new single, the gorgeous and very personal ‘Let Myself Be’, on 22nd November.

Talking about the track Natalie says “I actually wrote this song a few years ago. I was struggling with being an exhausted mother in my 30s and feeling like my time was ‘up’, and feeling like I couldn’t keep up with all the roles society expected me to play. As a mother (of girls), I feel so strongly that we are so much more than our looks. I also feel that the message that we are more than our mistakes or our intrusive thoughts and the versions of us that other people carry, is really important too. This little song sorted my head out so many times, I really hope it will do the same for a few other people.

Like many artists, Natalie Lucie began playing music and writing poetry as a small child and songwriting followed naturally. After many years of start/stopping she started releasing her own songs in 2018. Having struggled so long to find her voice, her sound and her confidence, she’s now slowly working on producing a full length album of songs to release in 2023. Inspired by the work of artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor she aims to tell stories with meaningful lyrics across an eclectic mix of sounds and styles. 

You can follow Natalie Lucie over on Instagram and pre-save ‘Let Myself Be’ here. You can also follow Natalie on Spotify and catch up with her previous releases…

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