Tay Temple set to release ‘Worlds Strongest Drug (Bad Texter)’ this month

Alt-pop rocker Tay Temple is set to release their next single ‘Worlds Strongest Drug (Bad Texter)’ this Friday, 18th November. It’s another awesome, powerful release for one of Manchester’s fastest rising and most exciting musicians.

Talking about ‘Worlds Strongest Drug (Bad Texter)’ Tay Temple says “I think everyone has experienced that uncontrollable urge waiting for someone to text you back and the major overthinking that swiftly follows, especially when the lines are blurred about what you actually are to each other – a situationship. 

It’s scary because I got trapped in the “game” of it all for so long: checking my story to see if they’ve watched it, seeing when they were last active, even the very embarrassing but I hope relatable thirst trap post hoping to get their attention. Then that whole process becomes so addictive because you cling onto the crumbs and convince yourself it’s worth the high but it’s not. 

Ultimately you lose who you are chasing someone who doesn’t want you and if you were to truly question the characteristics of that person you’d realise that they’re not who you want or need anyway. ”

‘Worlds Strongest Drug (Bad Texter)’ is available for pre-save here now. You can also follow Tay Temple over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. You can also check out Tay and her band’s back catalogue over on Spotify

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