Your Top Tracks of 2023

For the last few weeks we’ve been accepting your votes in three categories – Top Track, Top Album and Top Artist of 2023. We’ve had over THREE THOUSAND votes – more than we ever expected; whoever says independent music isn’t worth celebrating, I think we’ve proven them wrong!

The results are now in and we’re ready announce not only the winner but the top five in each category…

So here are your Top Tracks of 2023…

5. Rachel Newnham – Jealous

The second of Rachel Newnham‘s two tracks in 2023 is a proper pop extravaganza that tops off a fantastic year for the new artist. She first came to our attention in the BBC TV series “I Can See Your Voice”, but it was her two singles that really cemented her as one of the most interesting and exciting musicians that we’ve heard this year. Sounds like you agree!

4. Lydia Rowlands – The Names That They Gave Us

We’ve fallen totally in love with Lydia Rowlands‘ music this year, their delicate vocals and evocative lyrics combined to become the basis for some of our favourite tunes – and we’ve been listening to their whole catalogue all year. Lydia describes the single as ‘an ambient folk track inspired by musical theatre’ – whatever that conjures up in your imagination, take it and you’ll still be surprised.

3. Beth McKenzie – Alone With My Thoughts

Another fantastic pop-bop with some deep, frequently affecting, lyrics. There aren’t many artists who can take heartbreak and turn it into something magical, but Beth McKenzie has managed to do that time and again. ‘Alone With My Thoughts’ sounds like so much fun until you really listen to the words and what starts out as something playful becomes something far more conflicted. Beth McKenzie has always been an exciting musician and she’s just getting better and better.

2. Caitlin Lavagna – Run A Mile

What. A. Tune. This is probably the most pop-infused single that Caitlin Lavagna has released but her theatrical background comes through so loudly and creates a song that is totally unique. The driving instruments and Caitlin’s powerful voice really make ‘Run A Mile’ shine and we reckon that she’s going to be turning more heads in 2024. Such an exciting time to be following her music…

1. Maisie Donkanha – Lullaby

There is so much to love about ‘Lullaby’ – only Maisie Donkanha‘s third track but we agree with you all that it’s one of the most exciting singles this year. It feels a bit like something Billie Eilish would release but I’m hesitant to compare as that would be a disservice to Maisie who has created a stunning single that deserves all the recognition it’s received. Maisie Donkanha has a huge career ahead of her and if we’re seeing music as inventive and deep as this now we can’t imagine just how much she is going to blow us all away. There can’t be many musicians that deserve mainstream success more.

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