Virens to release debut EP, “Couples Therapy” in June

Having met during the pandemic, musical couple Virens are set to take the next step in their relationship with the release of their debut EP, Couples Therapy, on 21st June.

“It’s the height of the 2020 pandemic when an actress from Birmingham swipes right on a singwriter from Hastings. They soon discover dating in a lockdown is pretty limited, consisting mainly of long walks, movie nights and home-cooked dinners. So one night they got a takeaway and and essential bottle of Malbec and decided to give it a go, write a song – James’ 1000th and Louisa’s first, “Submitted To Sin”. They woke up the next morning, hungover and bleary-eyed and listened back, it wasn’t shit, in fact they loved it and thus Virens was born.”

Couples Therapy is an incredible collection of tracks that suggest a future of great things following in the steps of the likes of Oh Wonder. The couple not only seem like the dream romantic pairing but they also seem to be perfectly matched vocally too. Basically they’re great.

You can follow Virens over on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Check out their music so far on Spotify.

Photo Credit: Louisa Tratalos

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